Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors (Please distribute this email to your team members, parents, and mentors):

It is hard to believe that the 2018-19 Florida FTC season has officially concluded with Florida Championship that was held at the Prime Osborn Convention Center on Saturday, February 23, 2019.  The focus of this FTC email newsletter is to publish the award winners and the 7 teams that will be progressing to the Houston World Championship. I look forward to seeing our Florida teams in Houston

The following are the two topics contains in this email:

1.                  Florida Championship Award Winners

2.                  Florida Teams Advancing to the Houston World Championship

Newsletter Details:

1.      Florida Championship Award Winners -- The 13th Florida FTC season has come to an end with an exciting celebration at the Florida Championship that was held at Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville on February 23, 2019. I would like to thank all of the volunteers, coaches, mentors, and teams members across Florida that made this a very special Florida Championship event.

The 48 teams that attended the Florida Championship made it a very competitive event.  A combination of high scoring robots and will organized teams made it difficult to select the judge award winners. The teams were divided into two divisions (Lawrence and Scott) of 24 teams with the winners of each division coming together in a 3 match final that saw the lost score of 315 points and the highest score of 425 points. The highest score of the day was 491 in a Lawrence Division alliance match made by teams 3101 and 4997.  The Scott Division was also very competitive with teams 516 and 10345 scoring 415 points in an alliance match. Congratulations to all of the teams that attended and I look forward to seeing all of the teams back again next year. The judges also struggled to select the award winners and took several hours of heated debt to select the award winners


The following is a summary of the winning robots and the award winners:

Inspire Award Winner: Team 516 Gears if Fire

               2nd place – Team 7203 KNO3

3rd place -- Team 7477 Super 7

Winning Alliance:

                Team 3101 Boom Bots

                Team 4997 Masquerade

                Team 4227 Metal Morphosis

Finalist Alliance:

                Team 7203 KNO3

                Team 12090 STEM-Punk

                Team 9013 Merritt Island Matrix


Think Award

               Winner: Team 7477 Super 7
                Finalist: Teams 4717 Mechromancers and 5937 Renaissance Robotics

Design Award

               Winner: Team 3101 Boom Bots

                Finalist:  Teams 516 Gears of Fire and 7203 KNO3

Collins Aerospace Innovate Award

               Winner: Team 12827 Crazy Cat Ladies

               Finalist: Teams 12090 STEM-Punk and 4227 Metal Morphosis

Control Award

                Winner: 7203 KNO3
                Finalist: Teams 516 Gears of Fire and 13057 GET SMART

Connect Award

               Winner: Team 2845 Team Duct Tape

                Finalist: Teams 516 Gears of Fire and 3888 Greased Lightning

Motivate Award

                Winner: Team 14431 Pyrites

                 Finalist: Teams 10497 SwampBots and 516 Gears of Fire

Judge Award Winner

Team 10179 Tech Turtles

Promote Award

Winner: Team 9779 PIEaters//kyle%40thehoytfamily%This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:143/%0bhttps:/">

               Finalist: Teams 10650 HazMat Robotics Biohazards and 12739 Regressive

Compass Award Winner

Don Harper submitted by team 4717 Mechromancers


                Finalist: Shri Varadarajulu from team 7477 and Dan Kinzer from team 3101

Dean’s List Award:

                Florida Finalist:

  • Aashni Patel team 4227
  • Blake Sanders team 10497
  • Frankie Zahrt team 5937
  • Kaitlyn Ludlam team 8798

2.      Florida Teams Advancing to the Houston World Championship

The final awards presentation of the Florida Championship was identifying the seven (7) teams from Florida that will be advancing to the FTC World Championship in Houston, Texas.  The following are the seven teams that received bids:

Team Name
516 Gears of Fire
3101 Boom Bots
7203 KNO3
4997 Masquerade
7477 Super 7
4227 Metal Morphosis
2845 Team Duct Tape
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