Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Coaches, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

One week remaining until the final FTC event of the Florida 2018-19 season.  48 teams will represent the 8 Florida leagues in Jacksonville, FL on February 22-23, 2019. This email newsletter has information about this event. This version of the newsletter covers the following topics

1.            Robo Vision On Demand – Florida FTC Championship Webcast

2.            Florida FTC Championship Team List

3.            Rockwell Collins End of Season Thank You Letter

Newsletter Details:

1.    State Championship Volunteers Needed –  Robo Vision On Demand will again be webcasting the Florida FTC Championship on their YouTube channel.  You can easily find the Robo Vision On Demand channel by searching for RoboVisionOD on YouTube or going to the following web URL:

2.    Florida FTC Championship Team List – The following is the final list of 48 teams that will be participating in the Florida FTC Champions. As with all FIRST events, the Florida Championship is open to the public and there is plenty of room for anyone that would like to watch the event at the Prime Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville, FL.

516 Gears of Fire Pinellas League
2845 Team Duct Tape ROBOT
3101 Boom Bots Pinellas League
3846 Maelstrom ROBOT
3888 Greased Lightning South Florida
4227 Metal Morphosis Space Coast
4717 Mechromancers Space Coast
4997 Masquerade ROBOT
5125 Raiderbots South Florida
5937 Renaissance Robotics Tesla League
6322 Wired Cats South Florida
6323 The Pink Team Space Coast
6379 Clockwork Mania Tesla League
6433 Neutrinos ROBOT
7477 Super 7 Space Coast
7592 Roarbots Space Coast
8797 KnightBots OneClay
8798 Aluminati Industries OneClay
8908 Robo Mojo Pinellas League
9013 Merritt Island Matrix Space Coast
9110 WiredCats Omega South Florida
9277 HazMat Robotics Explosives Tesla League
9779 PIEaters Tesla League
9930 Robo-Knghts Tesla League
9944 S.A.T.U.R.N. Robotics North East Florida
10087 Fatherboards South Florida
10130 Crown Joules South Florida
10179 Tech Turtles AeroCoast
10276 Storm Troopers North East Florida
10345 Royal Blue Pinellas League
10497 SwampBots North East Florida
10583 The Robotic Gladiators OneClay
10650 HazMat Robotics Biohazards Tesla League
11172 Voyagers North East Florida
11774 Robo Panthers North East Florida
12090 STEM-Punk Space Coast
12585 BK Crusaders North East Florida
12600 Hadron Knights ROBOT
12739 Regressive Tesla League
12827 Crazy Cat Ladies North East Florida
13057 Get Smart AeroCoast
14215 Plaid Piranhas Space Coast
14384 Patent Pending North East Florida
14431 Pyrites South Florida
14449 MAPS South Florida
14850 Infinity Gear ROBOT
15297 TL/RC legacy AeroCoast

3.    Rockwell Collins End of Season Thank You Letter
If your team received a Florida Rockwell Collins rookie or veteran team grant this season and you are not attending the Florida Championship, your end of season thank you letter is now due.  This was one of the conditions of the grant and you must complete this final step of the process to ensure you are eligible for any future Florida FTC grants.  Please email you Rockwell Collins grants thank you letters to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to February 28, 2019.

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