This email contains important information about upcoming events and about the Florida FTC program:


1. Florida FTC Leadership Team

2. FTC Kick-off Event at Middleton High School – September 6, 2014

3. Rockwell Collins Florida Team Grants


1. New Florida FTC Leadership Team

The Florida FTC program will continue to follow the league structure that was first implemented two years ago. The ongoing management of the Florida FTC program will consistent of two teams of volunteers to help ensure the continued growth and successful execution of tournaments across the state. The two teams of volunteers will be the (1) Florida FTC Leadership team and the (2) League Leadership teams. The Florida FTC Leadership team will consist of the following member/roles:

Hans Wolf – Chairperson, Florida Championship Co-chair, and Affiliate Partner Representative

Terri Willingham – Team Liaison & Communications

Barry Bohnsack – League Liaison

John Coffeen – State Judge Advisor

Mark Wasserman – Referee Liaison and Florida Championship Co-chair

Eric Grajales – FTA Liaison

Susanna Pakauskas-Lewalski – Volunteer Coordinator Liaison

Kyle Hoyt – Florida Website Guru


We expect to have a minimum of 5 leagues in Florida but will not be able to finalize the league structure until we have 75% of the expected number of teams registered in the FIRST TIMS website. The following is the five leagues from the previous season and the Chairperson responsible for each of the leagues:

Jim Holder – Pinellas County League

Angela Ashley – South Florida League of Unstoppable Gatorbots

Christopher George -- Southwest Florida Robotics League

Maribel Barea – Tesla Robotics League

Hans Wolf – ROBOT League



2. FTC Kick-off Event at Middleton High School – September 6, 2014

The FTC Season Kick-off will be held at Middleton Magnet High School in Tampa on Saturday, September 6, 2014. See below for the agenda for the Kick-off event. The odd numbered workshops will be held in the school auditorium and the even numbered workshops will be held in the school cafeteria. A concession stand will be set-up in front of the cafeteria that will be selling drinks, snacks, and lunch items. I have included a map of the school grounds. Middleton Magnet High School is located at 4801 N. 22nd Street, Tampa, FL. There is no charge to attend the Season Kick-off event and registered teams are encourage to sign-up for the event on the website by going to the “Event Registration” page. Each team that registers for the event will receive a free game element when arrive at the Kick-off. Team Duct Tape is also hosting their annual Guess the Game contest. A contest flyer is attached here for you.


Kick-off Event Schedule

9:45 am -- Doors Open to Teams

10:00 am – Workshop #1: “Mechanical Design” by Bob Howard

10:00 am – Workshop #2: “FTC Awards and How to Win Them” by John Coffeen

10:40 am – Workshop #3: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to FTC Fundraising” Don’t Panic!” by Arun Khatri

10:40 am – Workshop #4: “Lessons Learned in a Rookie Season” by Jennifer Canady

11:20 am – Workshop #5: “Know Yourself, Know Your Opponent: Sun Tzu and the Art of FTC Strategy and Scouting” by Paul Bresnan

11:20 am – Workshop #6: “Why do Robots Stop Operating on the Competition Field” by Hans Wolf

Noon -- Game Reveal

1:30 pm -- Game and Season Q&Q Session

2:00 pm -- Kick-off Ends



3. Rockwell Collins Florida Team Grants

Rockwell Collins will again be providing financial support to FTC teams in Florida. The Florida FTC Leadership team is still working to finalize our 2014-15 budget and determine the funds that will be available to rookie and veterans teams. Please look for another update email after the Season Kick-off event with the details about how your team can apply for the grants. As with last year, teams that receive a Rockwell Collins Florida grant will be paid directly to the teams.



Hans K. Wolf

Tampa Bay Robotics Foundation, Inc.



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