Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors (Please distribute this email to your team members, parents, and mentors):

I am sure that many of our FTC teams on the south east coast of Florida have already started to evacuate in front of hurricane Matthew. Due to this significant storm heading toward Florida, we will be canceling the Tesla League volunteer training session that was scheduled for this Saturday, October 8, 2016. Everyone please be safe this weekend.

There is no change to the ROBOTICON schedule and the judge training that will be held at the USF Sun Dome on Saturday, October 8, 2016.  I have also received word that we will have a special FIRST guest at ROBOTICON this weekend.  I hope to see many of the FTC teams in the Tampa area at the Sun Dome on Saturday.

The following are the topics contained in this Florida FTC newsletter:

1.                  League Events

2.                  Florida FTC Championship

3.                  Volunteer Certification Process and Access Codes

4.                  FIRST Tech Challenge Sweepstakes! (Repeat FIRST email)

Newsletter Details:

1.      League Events The league volunteers have been very busy during the last couple of weeks working to schedule the league events. A large number of additional events are now available in the event registration system on the website. You can register for an event by going to the following web page: To complete the registration process you will need to use the Passcode that was email to you by the event registration system.

2.      Florida FTC Championship I have received a number of emails from teams and volunteers asking about the date and location of the Florida FTC Championship. The specific date and location has not yet been finalized due to scheduling conflicts with basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics at many of the Florida universities.  We are still targeting the weekend of February 18 or 25, 2017 and I also wanted everyone to be aware that we are also looking at options to host the Championship on Sunday instead of Saturday.

3.      Volunteer Certification Process and Access Codes – Schoology ( ) will again be used to for volunteer training and certification.  However, the process for access to volunteer specific role training has changed. The first step in starting the certification and training process is to register as a volunteer for an event in the FIRST Volunteer Information Management System (VIMS -- ).  Once you complete register in VIMS for a volunteer position, you will receive an email from FIRST with instructions on how to access the Schoology training material and you will be given the proper access code needed to take the certification test.  Please make sure you login to VIMS as soon as possible to get this volunteer certification process started. Thanks to all of the great volunteers we have in Florida that make this program successful.

4.      FIRST Tech Challenge Sweepstakes! (Repeat FIRST email) -- Teams can enter to WIN the FIRST Tech Challenge 3D Printer Sweepstakes! There are two ways to qualify - no purchase necessary. Please see the attached document for more information and how to qualify.  The sooner they enter, the more chances they have to win.


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