Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors (Please distribute this email to your team members, parents, and mentors):

The Florida FTC League Meets officially kick-off this weekend, November 5, 2016 with the event held bot the ROBOT League at Middleton High School in Tampa, FL. There are more than 40 events available for teams to attend and all of the league event information can be found on the following web page:

As we move into the league meet phase of the season, I have included several topics in this newsletter to help you prepare for the upcoming events. The following are the topics contained in this Florida FTC newsletter:

1.                  Florida FTC Championship

2.                  Advancing to the Florida Championship

3.                  Judge Video Submission – December 3, 2016

Newsletter Details:

1.      Florida FTC Championship For the last 10 years, the Florida FTC Championship has been hosted in the central Florida area. During the last several years, the north and south parts of the states have seen significant team growth and those two regions represent 40% of the FTC teams in Florida. Therefore, we have decided to host the Florida Championship at Western High School located at 1200 SW 136th, Davie, FL.  The championship will be held on February 25, 2017 and will be attended by the top 28 teams in Florida.

2.      Advancing to the Florida Championship – Once all of the Florida leagues have completed at least one meet, we will start publishing the Florida FTC team ranking on the website.  The top teams in the state ranking after all of the league championships events have been completed will receive an invitation to attend the Florida Championship. The following is an from the Team Guide to League Play that describes how the state ranking is computed:Advancement from League Championships to the Florida Championship Teams are ranked statewide based on their performance at Meets, League Championships, and the judging of a team-created video in the following proportions:

          Win-loss-tie record for Qualifying Matches – Average Number of Qualifying Points earned per match played X 100 points – The maximum possible score is 200 points; contributing 50% to the ranking score.

          Judging at League Championships – The maximum possible score is 100 points; contributing 25% to the ranking score.

          Team-created video judge score – The maximum possible score is 100 points; contributing 25% to the ranking score. A team’s State ranking score is the sum of their win-loss-tie points, judging at League Championship tournaments, and their team-created video points.

Teams are ranked in order of their ranking score; higher scores are better. A total of 28 teams will attend the Florida Championship on February 25, 2017.  The 28 teams are determined by a combination of each team that won the Inspire Award at their respective League Championship and to top ranked teams in the state of Florida.  We will announce the 28 teams attending the Florida Championship on or before February 1, 2017.

3.      Judge Video’s Submission – December 3, 2016 – The state wide Judge Video’s must be submitted no later than midnight on December 5, 2015.  The video registration information can be found on the following web page: Judge Video scores are 25% (see topic below about Advancing to the Florida Championship) of the score that is used to rank the teams in Florida and is a required for teams to qualify to attend your League Championship and the Florida Championship. It is important to recognize that the FIRST values the learning from all aspects of this program not just the robot competitions.  The judging process is about gaining an understanding of the broader characteristics of a team such as how the team worked together, what was the team’s design process, did they develop a business plan, did the team reach out to the local engineering community, what other types of outreach did the team perform, did the team come up with innovative solutions, what sensors were used, and what programming features did the team members learn, etc.  These are some of the things judges are looking for in your videos.  To gain a better and more complete understanding of the judging process please review the documents available on the following web page:

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Hans K. Wolf

Tampa Bay Robotics Foundation, Inc.

Cell: 813-477-4595

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