Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

Please Read this update carefully and completely!

This is a reminder that the FTC game will be posted on the FIRST website at noon EDT tomorrow, September 9, 2017. Part 2 of the Game Manual as well as the game animation at noon on Saturday at the following FIRST web page:

We have five items for you today.

1.            Florida Virtual Kick-off Event

2.            Physical Kick-off Events Canceled

3.            New FTC Software Release

4.            Online Document for Android Control System

5.            New Volunteer Registration System

Newsletter Details:

1.    Florida Virtual Kick-off Event – Team, coaches, and volunteers please join us tomorrow at 11am EDT for an online, virtual kick-off event. This will allow you to ask questions about the 2017-18 Florida league changes. You can access the online event by going to the following URL: following is the plan schedule for the online, virtual kick-off event:

  • Schedule
    • 11:00am –11:30am    Changes to the Florida League System -- how teams will get selected for the state championship has changed. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the changes to the Florida league system.
    • 11:30am – 12:00noon    New Rev Robotics Electronics
    • 12:00noon – FIRST Game Reveal

2.    Physical Kick-off Events Canceled – This is a final reminder that due to hurricane Irma, all of the Florida FTC kick-off events have been canceled.

3.    New FTC Software Release – There was a scheduled release of the new FIRST Tech Challenge software, on Wednesday, September 6th.  The new release included usability and reliability improvements for the 2017-2018 season.  Features include a new "OnBot Java" programming tool that lets kids program using Java without the need for Android Studio.  The new software will also have some enhanced Vuforia features.  Note that teams are not required to upgrade to the newest software.  Updated software is available from Google Play and on the public GitHub Repository (

4.    Online Document for Android Control System -- FIRST Tech Challenge now has an online, "evergreen" document for the FIRST Tech Challenge Android control system.  This online document is a centralized repository with up-to-date information about configuring, using, and troubleshooting the FIRST Tech Challenge Android control system.  The community can access the documentation at the following address:

5.    New Volunteer Registration System -- The new Volunteer Registration System officially launched!  The new system replaces the Volunteer Information and Management System (VIMS).  The new system can be accessed via the dashboard. 

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Hans K. Wolf

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