Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Coaches, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

The Florida FTC league season has come to an end as all eight of the Florida leagues have completed their League Tournament (Championship).  The final event of the year will be the Florida Championship on February 28-29, 2020 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, FL. This version of the newsletter covers the following topics

  1. 1.REV Robotics Control Hub
  2. 2.Robo Vision On Demand – Florida FTC Championship Webcast
  3. 3.Florida FTC Championship Team List


Newsletter Details:

  1. 1.REV Robotics Control Hub – The REV Robotics Control Hub will become a legal component for all FTC teams for the 2020-21 FTC season. This new component was field tested by FIRST in several regions and provides increased reliability of the control system by eliminating the USB connection between your Robot Controller phone and the REV Expansion Hub. This module can be purchased directly from REV on the REV Robotics website (currently out of stock) and it will be available in the FIRST Store once it opens for the 2020-21 season.
  2. 2.Robo Vision On Demand – Florida FTC Championship Webcast –  Robo Vision On Demand will again be webcasting the Florida FTC Championship on their YouTube channel.  You can easily find the Robo Vision On Demand channel by searching for RoboVisionOD on YouTube or going to the following web URL:


  1. 3.Florida FTC Championship Team List – The following is the final list of 60 teams that will be participating in the Florida FTC Champions. As with all FIRST events, the Florida Championship is open to the public and there is plenty of room for anyone that would like to watch the event at the Prime Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville, FL.
# Team Name League
450 Children of the Swamp South Florida
506 Pandara Gulf Coast
516 Gears of Fire Gulf Coast
2845 Team Duct Tape ROBOT
3101 Boom Bots Gulf Coast
3123 Spontaneous Combustion Gulf Coast
3830 Violet Fusion Gulf Coast
3839 Mechanical Geniuses Gulf Coast
3846 Maelstrom ROBOT
3888 Greased Lightning South Florida
3939 Bolts of Steel Tesla
4227 Metal Morphosis Space Coast
4717 Mechromancers Space Coast
4997 Masquerade ROBOT
5937 Renaissance Robotics Tesla
6090 Rock Star Robotics Tesla
6321 Robo Raiders South Florida
6323 The Pink Team Space Coast
6433 Neutrinos ROBOT
7321 Charlotte Surge Gulf Coast
7341 F.R.E.N.C.H. F.R.I.E.S. Space Coast
7477 Super 7 Space Coast
7592 Roarbots Space Coast
9277 Hazmat Robotics Explosives Tesla
9779 PIEaters Tesla
9944 SATURN North East Florida
9986 EagleBotics Navy South Florida
10022 WiredCats Gen 3 South Florida
10130 Crown Joules South Florida
10168 LJH Gator Techs OneClay
10179 Tech Turtles AeroCoast
10276 Storm Troopers North East Florida
10284 Team R.O.B.O.T. OneClay
10497 SwampBots North East Florida
10583 The Robotic Gladiators OneClay
10650 Hazmat Robotics Biohazards Tesla
10670 RCR North East Florida
10830 Roboholics South Florida
11343 Nova ROBOT
11774 Robo-Panthers North East Florida
12090 STEM-Punk Space Coast
12600 Hadron Knights ROBOT
12827 Crazy Cat Ladies North East Florida
13057 GET SMART North East Florida
13233 Roboros South Florida
14431 Pyrites South Florida
14555 WarDogs South Florida
14708 Short Circuits AeroCoast
14805 Circuit Squirrels AeroCoast
14856 T.I.R.E.D. Space Coast
15297 Legacy AeroCoast
16249 Avalanche Tesla
16352 The Electro-Lions North East Florida
16391 Rising Ninjas South Florida
16570 Tiwahe Bots North East Florida
16626 Radical Raiders AeroCoast
17014 Fierce Fish Gulf Coast
17244 DAR2-D2 North East Florida
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