Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors:


Please Read this update carefully and completely!


It has been a busy 6 weeks for teams, volunteers, and the Florida FTC league leaders since the 2015-16 game announcement on September 12th.  Leagues have started hosting practice/scrimmage events and the FIRST official league meet will be held on October 31, 2015.  Please make sure that you visit the website frequently to read about the latest FTC news.


The following are the topics contained with this Florida FTC email blast:


1.            Control System Issue Being Evaluated by FIRST

2.            New Control System Tips

3.            Florida FTC League Structure

4.            Register for you League Events

5.             Florida Rockwell Collins Grants Still Available

6.            Florida State Championship Date and Location


Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Volunteers, and Sponsors:


Please Read this update carefully and completely!


Our 2015-2016 FTC Kickoff was an incredible success! If you missed the Kickoff video you can find it here. Check out our Game Page for this year's Game Manual Part 2 and other important game-releated resources. If you have friends or family that were so impressed by this year's game that they want to start their own FTC team, check out our Start a Team page. Don't forget about all of our awesome outreach resources


1.         Important Dates

2.         2015-16 Season Event Schedule

3.         Judging Changes for 2015-16 Season

4.         2015 FTC Technology Transition Grant Application

5.         FTC Outreach Contest

6.         Upcoming Outreach Opportunities


It's almost time!!

The FTC season will kick-off on September 12, 2015 with the announcement of the game objectives and rules. The will be very exciting season with significant changes. In February, 2015 FIRST announced that the FTC program will be switching to a new Android control system this season.  Please make sure you ready about the exciting changes to the control system on the website.

1.         FTC Registration Open– 2015-16 Season

2.         Florida FTC Kick-off Events – September 12, 2015

3.         ROBOTICON Tampa Bay

4.         Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

Hello from Florida FIRST Tech Challenge!
Please Read this update carefully and completely!
The 2014-15 FTC season concluded on April 25, 2015 with the final matches of at the World Championship in St. Louis. Congratulations to team 6433 Neutrinos from Lakeland, FL for being the captain of the Winning Alliance at the FTC World Championships. Florida has been on the FTC Winning Alliance for four of the last seven seasons.  Congratulations to all six of the Florida FTC teams that did an outstanding job of representing Florida at the World Championships: 3888 Greased Lightning, 4997 Masquerade, 5257 Eagles Robotics Xperience, 6433 Neutrinos , 6451 Tarpon Robotics, and 7477 Super 7.
I would also like to send a special thank you to all of the Florida volunteers that helped make 2014-15 another successful FTC season.  The state leadership committee, league committees, state championship committee, event volunteers, and coaches/mentors are key to the success of the program. The Florida FTC program would not exist without the long hours and dedication of the fantastic Florida volunteers.  THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!!!
Over the last several months there have been a number of exciting announcements about the FTC program including a new control system that will be used next season.  This new control system is a significant change from using the Lego NXT and we are planning on holding a number of workshops at the September 12, 2015 kick-off events to help teams preparing for the season.  We are also hoping to hold demonstrations and workshops with the new electronics system starting in August so please make sure you carefully read any new Florida FTC email newsletters. There are a number of important topics in this newsletter that will help you prepare for the 2015-16 FTC season.
1.         FTC Registration – 2015-16 Season
2.         FTC Financial Grants
3.         US Air Force Leadership Opportunity
4.         Important Dates – September 12, 2015 FTC Kick-off

This email contains important information about upcoming events and about the Florida FTC program:


1. Florida FTC Leadership Team

2. FTC Kick-off Event at Middleton High School – September 6, 2014

3. Rockwell Collins Florida Team Grants

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