Even if you are not going to move in autonomous you should always run an autonomous. This can help you determine if you have a good WiFi connection before the match starts and when there is time for the FTA and/or CSA fix it if there is a problem. The FTC SDK includes the NullOp OpMode. This should always be on your Robot Controller phone.

A number of matches had the issue of where the Driver Station looks ok and the Wifi Direct says it is connected but it really isn't. And when the team started the telop the robot would not start and the Driver Station phone showed Status: Robot is stopped.

If you don't have an autonomous, then select the NullOp OpMode and click the stop watch so that the timer shows 30:

Select NullOp
Select NullOp

After your robot is placed on the floor and is ready. Push the INIT button AND NOTICE THAT IT NO LONGER SAYS Status: Robot is stopped

NullOp Initialized
NullOp Initialized

If it says Robot is Stopped alert the FTA.

When they say go for autonomous push the play button. The status will update the time while autonomous is running.

If it says Robot is stopped (not updating) then at the end of autonomous let the FTA know.


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