Please review the following threads on the ftcforum:

The more devices (sensors, motor controllers, servos, etc) the more likely latency is a significant issue. These two forum threads have in depth discussion on the issue. The FTC Robot Controller App has made some recent improvements to help reduce the latency from the devices. It is highly recommended for teams using Gyros, Color Sensors, Optical Distance Sensors, etc to update to the 2.61 Beta that is currently available and monitor the progress being made to reduce the latency of the data from the sensor.

They have added the ability to register/deregister some of the sensors. That way you can deregister the color sensor when using the gyro during a turn to reduce the latency on the gyro data.

The other part is you can disable the sensor during teleop when not used. Here is some of the test data:

Configuration: 1 Gyro, 2 color sensors, 4 Motor Controllers, 1 Servo Controller.
(170 mSec) SDK 2.3 and 2.4
(65 mSec) SDK 2.5 
(25 mSec) SDK 2.5 with Color sensors disabled while driving.

The color sensor had a significant code implementation issue that significantly increased the latency for all connected devices that is fixed in 2.5.

Note - Any item that is in the Robot Config will add to latency even if not used by the OpMode.


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