Links to Registration System Pages

  1. Click here to register for an FTC event in Florida.

  2. Click here to search for the event registration system for teams and events in Florida.

  3. Click here if you know your team’s passcode and would like to change it.


Registration Guidelines


  1. Florida FTC teams are required to use this registration system to notify Event Hosts of their interest in attending events sanctioned by the Florida Affiliate Partner or League Committees.  This applies to both in-league and out-of-league events.

  2. This is a registration request system.  Appearing in the event or team search lists does not guarantee that the registration request is confirmed. Event hosts will send an attendance confirmation to the team email used for the event registration form.

  3. Events are run by League Committees in partnership with Event Hosts.  In-league teams have registration priority over out-of-league teams during an initial priority registration period.  At the end of priority registration, the remaining event slots are filled on a first come, first served order based on the registration timestamp.

  4. A team password/passcode is required to submit an event registration request.  Team passwords have been mailed to the main and alternate team contacts listed in the FIRST  Team Information Management System (TIMS).  This password is different from passwords used by the team to access TIMS and the FTC Q&A forum.

  5. Rookie teams may register using their temporary 7-digit team number.

  6. Payment of the $275 team registration to FIRST is not required to submit a registration request.  Payment is required before attending the team’s first Meet competition.

  7. Links to the registration, search, and passcode reset web pages are located at the top of this page.

  8. Registration Details:

  9. -Teams should only register for events that they will attend if their registration request is accepted by the Event Host.

  10. -Event wait lists are limited to 6-teams. 

  11. -Teams may submit registration requests for multiple events, including same day events.  This allows teams to be on several wait lists for out-of-league events on the same date.

  12. -Teams may register for in-league events that are at capacity and the wait list is full.  This prevents out-of-league teams from locking out an in-league team during the in-league registration priority period.

  13. -Teams may not register for out-of-league championships.

  14. -The registration system doesn’t have the capability for teams to change their registration request once it is submitted. 

  15. Read the Event Participation Policy prior to registering:  Download.

  16. Read the Mentor Guidelines prior to registering:  Downolad.

  17. Event registration is restricted to teams that have registered in the FIRST  Team Information Management System (TIMS).  Teams are not registered until receiving a registration confirmation email from FIRST.  In order to receive this confirmation email, teams must complete all of the required input fields and then click on the link to pay the team registration fee.  Paying the registration fee isn’t required to receive a confirmation email, simply clicking on the registration payment link triggers the confirmation email.  Teams are required to pay the registration fee to FIRST prior to the start of League Play.

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